Increase The Bust Size – The Natural Way Of Doing It

How to Increase the Bust size without Surgery

Increase The Bust sizeThis is the desire of every woman with small breast, to increase the bust size.

One of the main things that woman wants when she is going to be wearing an extraordinary dress is to get or at least show bigger breast, and she knows it will have a positive effects with people if she has bigger bust.

In recent years, breast augmentation surgery has gained great popularity, due to how easy it is to get big breasts thanks to it. However, a surgery of this type has a large number of risks for the woman who undergoes it, which can range from post-operative infections to breast cancer.

That is why, despite how easy it can be to just pay and plan a surgery, the natural will always be much better and more beneficial for health. Not only would we be saving the great cost of the surgery, but we would be taking care of our body of any complication that may arise with this medical intervention.

Female Hormones to Increase the Bust

There are different ways in which we can make our breast tissue increase in size in a natural way, we will only need to be very constant with the treatment of breast augmentation without surgery and thus we will notice the changes we expect.

The breasts are formed mostly by fat and in the body of women estrogens are responsible for making fats to deposited in certain places, so when women go through adolescence, which is when the largest production begins of estrogen and the breasts begin to grow.

The Same way happens when a woman is pregnant, in addition to a large production of estrogen and with it a greater deposit of fat in the breasts, also the body begins to produce prolactin which is the hormone responsible for producing breast milk.

Is it possible to increase the breasts without surgery?

Increase The Bust sizeYou will ask yourself Is it possible to increase the bust without surgery? The answer to that question is whether it is, with an extra production of estrogen, a change in our diet, as well as the performance of specific exercises and many other options with which it is possible to achieve a natural breast augmentation without surgery.

Below, we show you 6 easy tips for breast augmentation without surgery that you can implement in the comfort of your home, which you will see relevant changes in the size of your breasts without the need for costly and dangerous surgery.

Perform Exercises to Increase Bust without Surgery

Increase The Bust sizeThe breasts are located just above the pectoral muscles, giving the support they need, so a very effective way to increase our breasts is exercising this muscle.

A very easy exercise is to place the palms of our hands together, in front of the chest leaving a little separation and pressing one palm against the other and then relax gently and delicately, you must do a minimum of 15 repetitions. If you wish you can also include a little more complex exercises by attending the gym, such as chest exercises with machines and lifting weights.

Consume Plants and Seeds with Phytoestrogens

Increase The Bust sizePhytoestrogens are natural elements found in some plants and seeds, they are similar to human estrogens, so their consumption helps natural breast augmentation without surgery.

The plants in which we can find phytoestrogens are: dandelion root, rosemary, fenugreek, watercress leaves and saw palmetto. On the other hand, among the seeds that contain this compound, we have flax seeds, soybeans, sesame seeds and fennel seeds.

It is best to look for some recipes that include the consumption of these plants and seeds, which will be a great help for breast augmentation without surgery.

Applies Massage to Increase the Breasts

By massaging your breasts you stimulate the circulation of blood in this area and activate the nerves, so that your breasts will begin to look firmer and take a much prettier shape, eliminating flaccidity and allowing fats to be distributed properly in them.

Increase The Bust size

There are natural oils and creams made to stimulate the production of estrogens that are made from sesame, geranium or almonds. You must perform soft massages in a circular and ascending way for more than 5 minutes, in the mornings and before sleeping.

Improve Your Food

Increase The Bust sizeBecause the breasts are formed mostly of fat, by maintaining an appropriate diet with the right amount of fats and proteins a day, we will maintain a stable weight and fats will begin to be distributed better in our body.

It is important that all food groups are consumed daily without suppressing any, as each one will provide our body with a number of important requirements to keep us healthy.

Implements the Use of Contraceptive Pills

There are many women who when starting to take this type of pills as protection to avoid getting pregnant, they notice how their breasts begin to grow naturally.

Increase The Bust size

This is because this type of pills have a hormonal load with estrogen, which has as a side effect the deposit of fat throughout the body, including the breasts. It is recommended to go to the doctor before starting to take any type of contraceptive pill.

Perform Yoga to Increase the Breasts

Increase The Bust sizePhysical exercise is essential if you want to achieve a breast augmentation without surgery and yoga will be of great help in this case.

The positions that are implemented in this physical activity allow you to strengthen your muscles, so if you perform yoga positions in which the pectoral muscles are put into operation, you will be able to affirm your breasts and achieve that the distribution of fats are appropriate.

Breast augmentation without surgery is possible, you will only need to implement each of these tips constantly and you will see how your breasts will begin to take a more aesthetic form and their dimensions will increase with the passage of time.


Cosmetic surgery could be faster but its contraindications are much higher compared to natural methods, which is why we should consider mainly increasing the bust without surgery, being much safer and cheaper.

Remember that breast augmentation helps a woman’s self-esteem and can significantly improve her relationship. The breasts of a woman is like her letter of introduction and is what makes her feel good in front of others.

Many products exist to increase the breast of a woman without the need for expensive and, above all, painful surgery. You always have to look for natural ways when it comes to increase the bust size of a girl or a woman.

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