Get Breasts Back After Breastfeeding – A Quick Solution

One of the most common question after giving breastfeeding is…

How to get breasts back after breastfeeding? Don’t you agree?

Breastfeeding offers our children the perfect food, plus many other wonderful things.

We also have a positive impact on breastfeeding, but surely you have also thought about the negative effects breastfeeding can have on twins, especially of an aesthetic type.

Today I tell you how to recover the breast after breastfeeding.

I have never had breasts as big and beautiful as when I was breastfeeding my twins.

They have been the envy of all, I can not deny it.

I think that not only my children enjoyed that vision, also my husband and myself. No one bitter a sweet, when you look pretty.

But when time passes, the breasts became smaller and smaller and they returned to their normal state and then, already accustomed to seeing me so splendid, I thought at least to give the feeling of still having big breasts.

Why do we lose our busts? What does breastfeeding have to do with it? And how can we recover the breast after breastfeeding with different aesthetic and exercise alternatives?

The chest according to the stage of life

recover the breast after breastfeedingOur chest undergoes important changes throughout our lives. It can be said that we do not have a fully functional breast, this is dedicated to breastfeeding, until we are mothers.

At birth, girls may have a slight swelling of the nipples by hormonal effect.


They become inflamed and can secrete even a liquid that we call witches’ milk.

A normal and physiological situation that disappears after a few days. Back to normal, the girl’s breast will not start to suffer more changes until her menstruation begins, and then all of her internal structure will grow to become in the future to be a breastfeeding mom.

The growth of the chest begins. The pregnancy and all the hormonal changes that bring the breast form to fulfill its main function and the moment of delivery of the placenta and the beginning of the stimulation of the breast by the babies has just polished the whole breast.

recover the breast after breastfeeding

When the weaning begins and the baby begins to slowly reduce its milk intake, the breast will adapt and little by little it will return to a normal size, although active.

By then, you may have already realized that they will not be the same, you have been striated, is not so firm, and seems to lack firmness. Then what do we do?

Breastfeeding is not to blame

It is pregnancy, age and lifestyles are the real responsible for the final appearance of the breast after breastfeeding.

It is during pregnancy when the greatest growth of the breast is experienced, when the ducts are fully developed and the mammary gland multiplies responsible for milk production.

The volume expands. During pregnancy, the breasts accumulate adipose tissue as a reserve and the weight of the breast increases.

Each breast can weigh about 300 grams. The weight increases. Some hormones, such as relaxing, are responsible for the loss of tone during pregnancy and the tissues and muscles that keep the chest attached to the chest wall are affected.

In addition, it is necessary to count on the antecedents of the breast prior to pregnancy, the state of nutrition of the mother, smoking, the hydration of the skin, the state of connective and supporting tissues.

The passage of time is perhaps the biological factor that produces a marked decrease in the breasts, since the tissues lose collagen, which provides resistance.

As a result of the force of gravity the boobs falls, it streaks and loses firmness and volume, what is known as breast ptosis or sagging breasts.

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And then breastfeeding has something to do with it?

The scientific evidence on the impact of breastfeeding on the aesthetic appearance of the breast after the most current breastfeeding was offered in October 2013, after a Congress of Plastic and Aesthetic Surgery in San Diego.

There, Dr. Norma Cruz, a surgeon and member of the American Association of Plastic Surgeons, expressed categorically that changes to laxity and loss of firmness were experienced equally in women with and without breastfeeding.

In her study, “The Effect of Breastfeeding on Breast Ptosis Following Augmentation Mammaplasty,” which evaluates the relationship of breastfeeding in the fall of breasts in Another similar study among women who were not subjected to implants performed by Rinker.

B, “The effect of breastfeeding on breast aesthetics”, affirms that it is the number of pregnancies of women that increase the risks of breast ptosis, breastfeeding being a minimum risk, if not demonstrable.

Aesthetic problems of the breast after breastfeeding

The most common aesthetic problems at the breast level are related to the loss of firmness or flaccidity, atrophy and muscle hypertrophy, breast ptosis, and stretch marks.

A chest without previous alterations, with an adequate tone, and an optimal nutritional status, will recover sooner or later from breastfeeding. And I have been able to verify it.

Evidently they have fallen, but not as much as I thought, they have lost volume, but I have managed to maintain the firmness of them and they have nothing to envy to my breasts before pregnancy, and they have stretch marks, something that is unavoidable breast caused by pregnancy.

How to recover the breast after breastfeeding Maternal

Because the biggest problem of the breast after breastfeeding is in the loss of firmness, the logical thing is that we strengthen the muscle tone of the pectorals to be able to recover part of the support that causes chest to stay up.

This can be done in different ways.

Aesthetic Treatment

They are the ones you can turn to in Aesthetic Medicine Centers or Aesthetic Centers.

Some can be invasive. They aim to improve the appearance, position, volume of the chest.

For the treatment of loss of firmness and lifting of the bust can also be approached with non-invasive treatments.

The treatment par excellence for breast flaccidity at the aesthetic center level is radio frequency, since it directly influences the skin, helps in the penetration of active products, improves nutrition and cellular respiration and favors muscle stimulation of the surface.

Then we find other complementary treatments, such as the breast modeling massage, applied with appropriate cosmetics that can also provide a handicap in the size of the chest.

Natural Breast Enlargement SurgeryThe practice of regular and appropriate exercise to strengthen the pectorals major and minor, such as Pilates, are very important, and we can not forget the nutrition of the skin, as a fundamental element in the care of the breasts, providing not only food but also topical with adequate body hygiene and oxygenation, avoiding toxins such as tobacco.

From home, It is also possible to do something, since the economy is not for many very good.

One of them is to choose a good bra, which delays the effect of gravity on the breasts and its progressive firmness.

The support can not exert too much pressure, so it is necessary to go to a good specialist to advise us.

A functional bra and beautifully beautiful and beautiful that make us look more beautiful and sexy.

For example, I carry one with filling, because I liked the volume.

Control the weight so that it is always suitable for our size.

Increasing and losing weight abruptly causes loss of firmness, stretch marks and marks, deteriorating chest structures.

So be careful with diet and with tobacco.

And remember something very important

Breastfeeding will not harm your chest.

Try to enjoy it without fear of losing the beauty of the chest.

Also, while breastfeeding you will provide protection against accumulative breast cancer.

And what about your little ones? They are the ones who will thank you the most for breastfeeding them and will continue to feel love for those breasts, as my children do.

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