About Sofia

Hello people, it’s nice to have you on board to my site natural-breast-enhancement.com we are going to have some very helpful post about breast enchancement programs and different products that will help women to have a better life overall.

First i want to talk about my self, and i want to start by saying that I am married have 3 wonderfull kids and I work full time in a church called hosanna.

My passtime is at the computer and having fun with my family.

I am 36 yrs old and my Husband Danny is 44 yrs old, we both like to help people and children specially since they don’t have the ability to take care of themselves.

I Love to Help

Since i was a little girl, i really enjoy helping people, and i think that giving to other people will fullfill all of your needs emotionally and that is a fact. I encourage you to do the same and you will see that we will create a new world.

Listen to people and follow intruction

One thing that will help you a lot, is to listen to other people and meditate and apply if neccessary to have good things that you could not do it for your self. You need to be carefu who you listen to, it’s important that you meditate to evaluate if it’s good idea to implement in your daily tasks etc.

Where do I Live

Weel, i live in a beautiful country called Nicaragua in central america, there are 7 millions nicaraguans and i am one of them, jajajajaja… obvious, my country is poor in economy but rich in lovely people and i want to invite you to have a nice vacation in my natal country. Spanish in my native language and in the east coast we speak english and spanish, so there is a lot of culture in my small country.

Never Give Up

If you have a dream never give up, always find you way to succeed, because no body will. If you have a family do what is necessary to fulfill your dreams, and never let someone else tell you what you should do or fulfill.

2018 is a year that will bring many things and if you miss an opportunity it could be that you will never see it again or have one. Help the needy because when you help you help yourself.

Look at my page and if you have something to share please make a comment about how to have an improved, firm bust and the most important thing that you like.


Keep dreaming, Keep practicing…

Sonia Schiffmann

Founder of



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